LED Digital Signs Best Quality & Price – The Game Changer

LED Digital Signs Best Quality & Price – The Game Changer

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Best in Price & Quality LED Digital Signs Series 
Visiontech’s outdoor LED digital signs now have the latest in HD LED digital panel technology with double the resolution for far less than the competition. Visiontech has produced the absolute best in LED outdoor digital signs in the industry. Our led digital sign panels come equipped with latest HD output standard boasting a 281  trillion color pallet and up to 4k ultra output. The L.E.D outdoor signs are priced right and hold true quality longer giving your sign company a solid offering to your customer. Visiontech LED panels on average can last up to 100,000 hrs . The LED digital outdoor signs are frameless developed with the latest in high strength wind resistant aluminum. If your customers are looking for the best in quality while paying attention to a planned budget have a close look at Visiontech. We offer the best LED digital signage on the market wholesale pricing, because you are buying directly from the manufacturer no worries about quality, warranty or availability we are located in the midwest allowing us to ship fast while providing best in service. Visiontech LED Signs can design to fit all outdoor digital signs or billboards.
We offer special designs for all outdoor applications including

  • Outdoor Church Displays message centers & projection
  • Casino Outdoor Signs & Indoor LED Signs
  • Banking Outdoor LED Signs
  • Business Outdoor LED Signs
  • Panel sizes to fit all types of signs



LED outdoor digital signs The Slimline HD Outdoor digital Billboard Series delivers true HD edge to edge digital & 4k HD that will created absolutely beautiful video & imagery. Call us today to set up an onsite mobile demo.

New Technology

The latest in Outdoor LED Signage with Edge to Edge
Frameless Die -Cast aluminum structure


We manufacture the highest quality in outdoor digital signage. We offer competitive pricing to outdoor signs companies in the United States. The Visiontech Slimline outdoor digital sign will revolutionize the outdoor LED sign market. Don’t just take our word for it, schedule a free DEMO today