Project Description

LED Billboard Panels


Slimline HD LED Billboard Series is the latest technology with double the resolution for far less than the competition. VISONTECH has changed the outdoor digital billboard marketing world. By manufacturing the highest quality LED billboard display panels in the industry. Our standard digital panel come equipped with HD 281 + trillion color pallet and up to 4k ultra with 100,000 hrs of average life. The Slimline displays have been developed with the latest in high strength wind resistant aluminum. The Slimline HD Outdoor digital Billboard Series delivers true HD edge to edge digital & 4k HD that will created absolutely beautiful video & imagery.


 Lightweight High Strength LED HD Panels for Billboard Applications


Our 82 year history as a billboard company, paired with our over 30 years’ experience manufacturing and installing digital signs uniquely qualifies us to support the continued transition from static billboard displays to new technology digital platforms.

As billboard operators, we have utilized digital as part of our out of home inventory for several years. We understand the challenges with integrating and maintaining digital as a part of our own billboard inventory. By drawing on this experience as well as our history as a manufacturer of digital signs, we have worked with our suppliers and partners to develop a new product designed specifically as a next generation digital platform for the out of home industry.

  • Our product features: – True HD technology at a significantly lower cost. (Available in up to 10MM real pixel pitch resolution).
  •  High efficiency- Advanced electronics developed and tested worldwide in every environment. – Fewer points of failure – Far less power Supplies, Connectors & Power Cables than conventional cabinets.
  •  No Forced Air Cooling – Lower Power consumption – Lighter weight design. Lower wind loads. – Edge to Edge technology. The Entire display is the active area. No unsightly visible frame or cabinets.
  • Front and rear serviceable panels. – Reliability
  • High efficiency electronics design. Tested worldwide in every environment. – Warranty – Service – Cloud based scheduling software available.
  • “Double the Resolution for Less”
  • These displays are at a highly competitive price point than current conventional displays making this product ideal for upgrading aging digital displays in your plant and increasing ROI on your conversions and new builds.
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