Pixel Education


Understanding the basics of LED displays

What is a LED ?

L.E.D. stands for Light-Emitting Diode. An LED is not a light bulb, but an efficient, effective, super bright alternative that doesn’t burn out. The LED in Visiontech’s signs typically stay bright for 100,000 plus hours.

What is Pixel Pitch?
Pixel pitch is the distance between each pixel on your sign. One Pixel is cluster three LEDs.  The closer the pixels, the crisper and  more life-like your image will be because there are more points of light used to portray your wording or image.

Below are examples of resolutions. The smaller the number means better the resolution. Our Visiontech sales team can help you determine what resolution is right for you!

10 copy


12 copy


16 copy


20 copy


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