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Monthly Payments you can Afford!

  • Pay a low monthly lease payment that you can easily fit into your business budget

Major Tax Benefits

  • 100% Tax deductible

Set your Payment and Terms

  • Lock in a fixed term and low monthly payments to avoid future inflation

Affordable Investment

  • Increase your business revenue and gain attention by utilizing and LED sign

Keep your Cash

  • Affordable leasing keeps your cash flow free for other expenditures

Example of the Lease & Tax Advantage !

$50000 worth of equipment
60 month lease with FMV 10% purchase option – $1,000/month
Yearly deductible amount ($1,000m x 12m)- $12,000
Annual tax savings (assuming 35% tax bracket) – $4,200

Projected total tax savings over course of 60 month team – $21,000


Under section 179, you can expense 100% of the cost of equipment acquired 2014 up to $25,000 ($500,000 in 2013). Depending on  your tax bracket, you can save a portion of that equipment cost in tax savings . At the end of the term , equipment must be purchased or the lease renewed to be eligible for the deduction (equipment cannot be returned).

$50,000 worth of equipment
60 month lease with a $1 purchase – $1080 / month
Amount deducted under section 179- $25,000Projected 2014 tax savings (assuming 35% tax bracket) – $8,750


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